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AMAX provides Networking and software development solution to our clients.Many of your company’s ambitious goals demand custom software solutions. AMAX has built a company expressly for the purpose of satisfying your application development needs.


Networking and Software Development Solution

1.Custom Software Development

2.Web Application Development

3.Mobile Application Development

Quality starts with the material the quality of the steel has a crucial influence on the quality of the scissors or shears. It is fundamental for the efficiency and durability of the product. Steel alloys of the highest quality are the basic material for scissors and shears. Scissors used to cut cordite (an explosive substance resembling twine) must not produce sparks. Scissors used to cut magnetic tape must not interfere with magnetism.This quality steel provides the basis for exceptional cutting performance

Depending on the manufacturing process two different qualities of steel are used by manufacturers 

High-grade stainless for stamped household shears
Scissors and shears made of high-grade stainless steel

The majority of scissors and shears by AMAXProfessional are made of high-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is manufactured from iron, about 1% carbon, and at least 10% chromium. It is particularly recommended for scissors that come into contact with moisture because the steel will not rust in damp air. It has also the advantages of being light and rustproof



Manufacturing Process:
Production/Manufacturing have many steps to make high quality Instruments for long time uses.
Here’s we go through some Manufacturing steps for your Review.

  • Production Tour
  • Raw Material / Steel
  • Forging Process
  • Forging Inspection
  • Machining
  • Milling
  • Inspection
  • Filling
  • Filling Inspection
  • Binding and Temper
  • Snaffling Fitting
  • Plant or Heat Treatment
  • Polishing / Instruments finish
  • Q. A Inspection 2%
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Tuck checking
  • Etching
  • Cleaning and Checking
  • Q. A Inspection 4 %
  • Packing
  • Labeling
  • Delivery

Surgical/Dental Instruments Manufacturing Steps

1. Steel

The most important thing in the production is Quality of steel. The best you select the best you produce. We use our imported best quality German steel as required by our Reliable and valued customers. And this is all to ensure the finest quality steel.

2. Forging

With the help of dyes and hammers the process being run of cutting shaped raw instruments. In the forging process, our skilled Craftsman give life to the metal and give it the rudimentary shape that will go through series of complicated processes.

3. Forging Inspection

At the stage of forging inspection, every forged tool comes for checking to ensure no piece contains any cracks or is reshaped beyond the acceptable limits. There are further steps for checking the quality of raw instruments: -

       a. Shape fault       

       b. Broken

4. Machining

In this process forging is cut or shaped by machines i.e. the tool get cutting sharp edges and raw material in the specific demanded shape. Here instruments are taking their specific shape through grinding and hammers. For this purpose, extremely skilled labor is required and this process is carried out by instrument specialists only.

5. Milling

In this process, Drilling of holes in the instruments where required for screws. Different kinds of screwing machines are used here and instruments are made pairs. If Instruments have any different in whole even the slightest difference in whole positions will suffer otherwise.

6. Inspection

At this stage, all the instruments are inspected not only for machining and milling, but for every process they have been go through for inspection. At this stage only best instruments are selected and instruments with little holes and manufacturing faults are again sorted out.

7. Filling

At this stage the steel is not too hard yet so the process of filling is used to shape the instruments in the exact shape they are required to be. The workers match the shape exactly with the samples or the specific shape provided them at this stage. So here the instruments get most similar of their shapes at this stage.

8. Filling Inspection

At the filling inspection, filling the inspection is made. The measurements and shapes are checked according to samples.

9. Binding and Temper

At this step every instruments are bound in groups of 12 pieces. Then workers put them in temper machine which is filled with a particular material. Than instruments are tempered and it’s have ensured that every instrument gets equal heat and treatment so a consistent quality would be achieve.

10. Snaffling Fitting

Snaffling fitting is for scissors and forceps they are in two pieces so they are joined in this process with screw. Scissors and forces are usually joint with two kinds of joint. Some instruments joint with the Lap joint and some are with the Box joint and it depends on choice.  Tweezers shape Forceps are joined before and their joint is leveled with a machine by burning the raw material on the joint so there is no any doubt in fitting. At the same stage, instruments are filled to eliminate welding suspensions.

11. Plant or Heat Treatment

At the plant or heat treatment instruments are dipped in a material to harden the material by hanging for five minutes.

12. Polishing

Instruments get there finish here. For example if instrument have to polish or Satin and gold finish. Till this point at manufacturing stage, all the necessary shaping is done. Polishing makes every millimeter of instrument clear and if any instruments with hidden defects are still there. They will reveal could be sorted out.

13. Q. A Inspection 2%

2% of each lot of instruments is checked by executives and then go the further processing. In inspection they see each and every part and defective parts are marked with red marker and if rejected they will send to polishing again.

14. Ultrasonic Cleaning

In this process the instruments are dipped in two materials for cleaning the polish raw thing on it. It take times 1 min. for first material and then for half min. to other material. Ultrasonic cleaning cleans any polishing material stuck and leaves the instrument crystal clear.

15. Lubrication

At this step all the instruments involving screws are lubricated. Lubricating the instruments moveable portions facilitates the instrument movement.

16. Tuck checking

In this process our workers check the cuts and all the blocks of instruments just by viewing the instruments individually.

17. Etching

In this process all instruments are comes to get etching stamp. Our skilled workers put stamp on each instruments by putting each instruments on stamp pad and burning process. To make the stamp reliable and even sustainable under high boiling temperatures this stamping procedure is done by electric etching machines when instruments are sterilized.

18. Cleaning and Checking

Now, at cleaning and checking process all instruments are cleaned and checked again one by one.  To do these process again the checking for operation, measurements, polish and usability.

 19. Q. A Inspection 4 %

In the Q. A Inspection 4% of the all instruments are get inspection by Quality achievement Directors. Samples for inspection are taken adventionaly and they are observed to every bit of detail. Even the smallest difference from quality standards could make result in refuse of whole lot.

20. Packing

The packing of instruments to make a shipment is done here. Packing in boxes each contains 100 pieces. Than 10 Boxes go in a Carton. Carton must be harden, which can save the instruments till it reach at the Customer door.  Here instruments must be packed with the sense of sizes and types. All Instruments boxes are properly labeled and stored in proper storing environment. Label will show the item code and full description to make the customer feel easy to find there required instruments from a carton.

21. Labeling

Labels are put in this process. If required. Putting labels is the customer service from us.

22. Delivery

These processes are also include but these are depends on customer requirement.

  • Passivation on instruments
  • Boil Test
  • Gold plating in different manner.
  • Copper Sulphate test. 


AMAX provides software development solution to our clients.Many of your company’s ambitious goals demand custom software solutions. AMAX has built a company expressly for the purpose of satisfying your application development needs.

Your software vision is about to be realized.


  1. Startup Software Development
  2. Mobile Development
  3. Enterprise Software
  4. Maintenance & Support

1.Startup Software Development

We understand the difficulty of hiring a startup development team and the struggle with software development for startups, so we created our Startup Strategy Workshop studio to help your startup foresee and deftly navigate those road bumps.
During this 8-10 week course, our expert startup development team and product managers work with you to dig into the details of your idea, cross-examine potential pitfalls, create a startup strategy plan, and prepare the product for development. By helping you create a clear, comprehensive strategy for your startup business, AMAX will carry you quickly to the curve of the hockey stick and help you benefit from our experience in app development for startups.


2.Mobile Development 


Enterprise Mobile Solutions:Consumer trends show that people are increasingly likely to spend more time on mobile devices rather than desktop computers, and it’s safe to assume that your employees will enjoy the flexibility provided by thoughtful mobile enterprise applications. AMAX can help you transfer your existing enterprise software workflow to a mobile platform.

Mobile-First Approach:As a startup or any business on the cusp of rapid growth, establishing a solid approach to mobile application development from the start can bring tremendous long term benefits to your business, employees, and customers. Intellectsoft can help you create a mobile-first approach that will supplement your business workflow, needs, and goals.

Consumer Applications:Allow your customers to bring your business with them wherever you go. Whether you want to build a mobile e-commerce platform or adapt to clients who prefer self-service on mobile platforms — AMAX can help you develop a mobile application that your end-users will love.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions:Consumer trends show that people are increasingly likely to spend more time on mobile devices rather than desktop computers, and it’s safe to assume that your employees will enjoy the flexibility provided by thoughtful mobile enterprise applications. Intellectsoft can help you transfer your existing enterprise software workflow to a mobile platform.


3.Enterprise Software

Custom Enterprise Software:We deliver bespoke enterprise applications that address your business needs and meet your specifications. We have experience in creating software that improves content management, business process automation, e-Commerce, and employee collaboration. Our developers are able to leverage their experience with Agile software development to increase your competitive advantage.
Software Integration:Daily operations at large enterprises are often supported by a mix of SaaS and on-premise third-party applications. Intellectsoft offers development of comprehensive Enterprise Application Integration solutions which allow for a mobile-first approach with custom mobile UI, API and microservice development, data integration, as well as workspaces, portals, and mashups.
Legacy Application Modernization:Outdated enterprise applications often cause employees to spend more time working around limitations. AMAX can provide your business with a team that can perform in depth feature and technical analysis of your legacy solution and offer enterprise application development that will use the latest tools and technologies. Your users will be happier and more productive, and your IT operations team will sleep better.
Application Portfolio Consolidation:Very few companies develop completely through organic growth. Frequent mergers and acquisitions often leave organization with a wide variety of solutions. AMAX can help your business consolidate these solutions, combining their benefits to increase your IT Operations, minimize costs, increase employee efficiency, and optimize user experience. Our team of analysts and developers would be able to help to consolidate, integrate, and refactor your enterprise applications as necessary, while moving them to modern software stacks and cloud hosting.

Our Workflow: 

Discovery & Analysis — A qualified team of system-analysts and consultants observes your current solutions, discovers key problems and opportunities for improvement, and develops a roadmap based on your business needs.
Development & Testing — Qualified developers with niche expertise develop, test, and deliver a turnkey solution for your enterprise.
Implementation & Support — AMAX aids you in implementing the new software into your daily business operations and provides thorough support and maintenance of your software.

Web Development: Java, .NET, PHP, JavaScript
Mobile Development: iOS, Android, Xamarin, Hybrid
Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB and others
DevOps and Cloud: AWS, Azure, Docker, Jenkins

4.Maintenance & Support

Perfect software has never been built, and that's perfectly alright. User preferences vary too widely and change too rapidly for software to simultaneously satisfy everyone. The one thing all users do expect, however, is a baseline level of reliability and performance. That's why you'll want a clear plan of action for maintaining a consistent user experience — regardless of what technical challenges you face behind the scenes.


<span 1.6em;"="">AMAX is always enthusiast to participate in worldwide Fairs & Exhibitions to present its top quality Barber scissors, manicure instruments, pedicure tools, nail & cuticle nippers, cuticle pushers and manicure kits to esteemed customer at most competitive price. Our ultimate goal is to achieve Customer’s 100% satisfaction and we are striving hard to harmonize our Scissors and Manicure and Pedicure Instruments according to our customer’s perceptions and expectations.

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